Ages 3-6

Our Little Tigers class is designed to build good habits such as discipline, courtesy, and focusWe also work on many of the same skills as our older children.  One of our goals is to prepare our Little Tigers to advance to the Ho Kuk Mu Sul Program.

 Respect: For self and others.

 Listening Skills: Each half hour class is great for your child’s listening and concentration. The student learns to focus on the instructor and follow directions for the duration of the class. After just a few classes, students begin listening and following directions better both in and outside of class.

 How & Why to Hit or Not to Hit:  During our classes, we talk about self-control and how to treat and respect others. This includes not hitting other children. Students are learning to kick and punch, but also that they cannot use those moves outside of class.

 Confidence: While teamwork teaches many important lessons, Martial Arts classes are focused on developing a student’s individual confidence and self-image. Our program was created with the intent of uplifting our student’s confidence with positive reinforcement, so that they will become strong and independent.

 Motor Skills Development:  Our classes are great for developing your child’s physical skills by focusing lessons on your child’s balance and eye-hand coordination.

 Exercise: Our Martial Arts classes also promote a healthy lifestyle by teaching kids that exercise can be fun. We pack this half hour class with challenging activities that improve coordination and burn energy.

 Fun: In addition to the benefits listed, your Little Tiger will have fun. Children quickly lose interest with a program that is too rigid.  With that in mind, our classes are loosely-structured for your child’s enjoyment.