Wong Moo Kwan Korean Martial Arts Academy

Grandmaster Roy King has created a unique and amazing martial arts experience in West Virginia. His school is in the town of Beckley, WV. He welcomes visitors to his classes so if you find yourself in that area, drop in and participate in one of their sessions: 219 Ragland Road. Check www.wongmookwan.com for a class schedule.

Chong Sa Nim Roy King has over 58 years martial arts experience. He holds Grandmaster rank in two Korean, two Chinese, and two Japanese martial arts; Chiefmaster rank in one Korean, two Chinese, and two Japanese systems; Master rank in one Korean and one Japanese style; Instructor rank in two more Korean and two more Chinese martial arts. He has also studied Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, Philippine, Okinawan, British, Russian, and Israeli fighting arts.

To us, Master Roy King is a teacher, a confidante. He is our friend.

We visit his school as often as we can. During those visits, we train to better ourselves for our teaching here in Goldsboro. His students are loyal and always eager to learn and train with us.

Master King visits us each year during the Black Belt Test weekend. He brings as many of his students as he can to help make the weekend a huge success!